August 2016
Big shout out to Hurray For The Riff Raff. Musically, the band has been a tasteful, well schooled, and smooth ride.  This specific batch of words is to thank them, or perhaps their lead singer, for not shying away from speaking her/their mind when it comes to politics and the disgraceful and embarrassing situation my country is in with Donald Trump. Most of you youngsters and musos are hip to this band.  Many think they are New Orleans based.
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July 2016
Greetings from Music City.  Just got word I'll be playing a showcase at this years Americana Music Association conference in September.  In other news, all during the months of July and August, SIP CAFE in East Nashville has displayed ten pieces of the limited edition American Fork Hand Painted LP Jacket series.
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21 Jul, 2016 | Tim Easton, Gibson J-45 |
The town of Zaragoza means a lot of things to a lot of different people.  To me, it represents a traveling incident where I was so severely poisoned by alcohol that I nearly died.
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